teviantby Albert Kurniawan

“I hope that my products give you the inspiration and the tools to create wonderful looks and live up to be the Teviant woman: strong, versatile, independent, full of dignity and full of grace,” says celebrity makeup artist Albert Kurniawan, who envisioned a makeup brand that celebrated the wonderful women around him. After more than a decade painting the faces of the most elegant Philippine personalities, all those years also in search of the best formulations for a makeup brand that was then only in his mind, Albert now pays homage to the first woman who sparked his love for beauty—his mother and Teviant’s namesake, Tevianty.

the makeup

Teviant makeup is formulated in Italy, made only with the finest cosmetic ingredients. Created to be used by daily beauty enthusiasts and makeup professionals alike, each Teviant product is perfect for all makeup skill levels, is diverse and high quality, and is made only with love, passion and dedication from the celebrity makeup artist himself.

the color

Teviant chose rose gold as its predominant packaging hue, as it represents elegance, power and femininity in a single shade. “It’s simply the best color to represent the Teviant woman,” Albert says.

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