Cheek, Glow To Glass

Florid Glow to Glass Palette

₱ 995.00



For a glass-like glow or a blinding diamond shine. The first highlighter that maintains intense pigment while staying smooth and blendable. Made with aloe vera and apricot oil to moisturize and sooth. Integrated with special ingredients that enhances the pigment’s ultra high-shine.

Consists of glowing powder and glass-skin pearl powder. The glow powder gives off a soft, creamy-like consistency that blends smoothly with the skin leaving it radiant. Easy to apply and is suitable for touch-ups throughout the day without having the skin look too heavy. The glass-skin pearl powder’s formulation is pure luxury as it captures light like a jewel, making every look precious. With a special mix of precious pearls and special silicone, it ensures an “ultra-shine crystal effect” and a silky feel to the skin, enhancing the brightness of pearls for an unprecedented light.

Shades included:
Skinne-Soft champagne with shimmer
Frau-Rose gold shimmer

**Net Wt. 5 grams x 2
**Paraben Free, Cruelty Free, Made in Italy

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