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Mademoiselle Eyeshadow Palette

₱ 2,450.00


Teviant x Love Marie Collection

Fly free as a bird. A daydreamer and goal getter, Mademoiselle rides the waves yet loves a good experiment. She lives in the moment and is constantly on a mission to find herself. 

Jewel-toned pigments for rendezvous-ready eyes. A balanced mix of pigments and textures for that bold eye look in just one palette. A great transition palette from day to night. Use the more sober colors for day and build on it with jewel-toned hues for night.

Shades included: 

La Mode - Frosted amethyst purple
Ooh Lala - Matte cobalt blue 
Monde - Shimmery cerulean blue
Cest La Vie - Holographic off white with banana yellow glitter undertones
Provences - Holographic navy blue with lavander glitter undertones
Lavande - Shimmery lavander with silver undertones
Bonjour - Shimmery mica yellow
Eiffel - Shimmery bronze 
Merci - Holographic turquoise with gold glitter undertones
Cafe - Matte coffee brown with pink glitter undertones
Nuit - Holographic midnight blue 
Rendezvous - Shimmery gunmetal with silver glitter undertones

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