Eyes, Artist's Pick, Eye Shadow Palette

Queen Eyeshadow Palette

₱ 2,450.00


Teviant x Love Marie Collection

She’s out to conquer the world—with her crown in place. Like true royalty, Queen is aware of herself and exudes power, elegance, and regality. At the end of the day, she always knows that her best bet is herself.

Candy pop bright colors for a boost of makeup-induced confidence. Richly pigmented, colors stand out in a swipe. Go ahead, be bold and don’t be afraid to combine!

Shades included: 
Neit - Matte red orange
Nile - Matte Mandarin orange
Palace - Frosted royal gold
Aswan - Shimmery walnut brown
Cleo - Matte mustard 
Luxor - Metallic orange
Regal - Matte lilac
Offering - Matte Jet black with subtle silver sparkles
Worship - Holographic lemon yellow gold 
Scarab - Metallic copper
Rania - Shimmery silver
Pharoah - Shimmery gunmetal

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