The TEVIANT.COM website, hereafter referred to also as “TEVIANT,” “we,” “us,” “our website,” “site,” and its products and related services are made available to its customers and users of this site under the guidelines of the following TERMS & CONDITIONS, hereafter referred to as “T&C”. For the best user experience, we recommend that you carefully read the T&C before placing any orders on our website. We recommend that a copy of our T&C be kept for future reference. Please be made aware of our policies regarding the terms of purchase as stated in our T&C as well as our Privacy Policy. If you are under 18 years of age, it is required that a parent or qualified guardian first read TEVIANT.COM’s Privacy Policy before you register to the site and avail of its services. Our company reserves the right to only accept orders from those over 18.

We may also modify the T&C periodically. We advise that you check back regularly to read the T&C in order to be made aware of possible changes. If you do not agree to any modification, then please cease using the site immediately. Any changes made after an order has been placed will not affect the order unless we are obligated by law to do so.


Customers can use the services or features offered by the site by registering or as guest. When registering, you are required to provide information that is current, accurate, true and complete in all respects. Should any entered information change, immediately notify us through the following e-mail address: customercare@teviant.com. Registration requirements may change occasionally. Please check back on the Privacy Policy to be updated. To successfully make purchases through our site, users are first required to register and provide the necessary information. All customers must provide their real name, phone number, e-mail address and other requested details as indicated. Additionally, you are required to provide payment details and that those details are valid and accurate and that you are the person referred to by the Billing Information provided. The site is available, but not limited to, users who meet the TEVIANT.COM terms of eligibility, have a valid credit card from a bank recognized by TEVIANT.COM, whose applications are acceptable to TEVIANT.COM and who have authorized TEVIANT.COM to process charges on their credit card in the total amount of the price of merchandise purchased on the site. TEVIANT.COM reserves the right to restrict the quantity of an item being shipped to any one customer or postal address. By availing of any transaction on our site, users authorize TEVIANT.COM to perform credit checks or to obtain information, including any updated information, about the user from third parties. This includes, but is not limited to, customer credit card account info and credit reports (including that of immediate family members) to authenticate identification and to validate the user’s credit card account and to obtain credit card account authorization for the user’s transactions.

Moreover, the user agrees that TEVIANT.COM may use the individual customer information provided by the user to conduct the necessary anti-fraud safeguards. The user’s information may be disclosed to a fraud safeguard entity, which in turn, save the user’s information. Refer to our Privacy Policy for more information regarding how we use user data.


All orders from TEVIANT.COM are subject to acceptance and availability. Our website offers products for selling that are in stock and available for delivery from our distribution facility. From time to time, some items may take time to be shipped from our suppliers. However, the user may still order for a product and pay for it in advance, thus the user’s advance purchase. Which will be prioritized by TEVIANT.COM once stock has been delivered to our forwarding facility. Keep note though, that we will only take advance purchase orders for stock that has been scheduled for delivery by TEVIANT.COM suppliers. User rights for advance purchase are identical in process for any other orders at TEVIANT.COM. Otherwise, user may opt to register his/her email details for notification once the selected item is in stock again. New arrivals of stock will be prioritized and pre-allocated to meet advance purchase payment orders to customers with advance payments to those on the waiting list or users ordering through the site for immediate delivery.

Understand that TEVIANT.COM may be unable to deliver selected advance payment merchandise due to production complications or quality check issues of items when it is received in stock. In the event of this happening, TEVIANT.COM will notify customers at the soonest, and if need be, refund the advance payment to your credit card account within 30 days upon advisement that the product has become unavailable. If the user registered his or her email for notification of arrival of a particular merchandise featured on TEVIANT.COM, we will attempt to give notice to the user’s email within 48 hours of the product’s availability on the site. Be reminded that merchandise in high demand will sell out much faster during a certain period. Be reminded that items on a user’s shopping cart, and or basket are not reserved and may be purchased by another customer.


Prices rated on TEVIANT.COM are in Philippines Pesos and are VAT inclusive at applicable rates. All prices and special offers are effective as advertised on TEVIANT.COM. The prices displayed on the website at the time when the purchase is accepted will be kept, except in the case of patent error. Price of merchandise are set at the start of season using existing currency exchange rates. Price of merchandise are subject to change if applicable currency exchange rates change before the customer has placed an order, conversely, merchandise are subject to markdowns at any time of the selling period. Customers making a purchase on TEVIANT.COM will be charged for the merchandise purchased and for the cost of shipping only for order PHP 2,500 and below


Once the user has ordered and placed the product of choice, an email acknowledging the details of the transaction will be sent. Be informed though, that this notice is not an acceptance of the order, only a confirmation that TEVIANT.COM has received it. Unless cancelled, TEVIANT.COM will accept the order and the contract between customer and TEVIANT.COM will be completed when our website emails the user that the product have been dispatched. The contract of sale is therefore concluded in the Philippines where our operation base is located and the language of the contract will be in English. TEVIANT.COM reserves the right not to accept a customer’s order in the event for the following eventualities: that our website is unable to obtain authorization for payment, that restrictions on shipping apply to a particular merchandise, or that the item ordered is out of stock or does not meet our website’s quality control standards or is withdrawn, or that the user or customer do not meet our criteria for eligibility set out on our terms and conditions. TEVIANT.COM reserves the right to refuse to process, therefore accept a transaction for any reason or refuse service to anyone at any time at our discretion. Our website will not be liable to the user or customer or any third party by reason of withdrawing our products from our website whether or not said product has been sold or removed; by screening, editing or removing any materials or content on our website; to refuse process of a transaction or suspend any transaction after processing has begun.


Payment can be made through VISA and Mastercard credit cards. Payment will be debited and cleared from customer’s account upon dispatch of customer’s order by TEVIANT.COM. The customer confirm that the credit cards used are their own or that the user have been specifically authorized by the owner of said accounts to use it. All credit cards are subject to validation checks and authorization by the issuing banks. If the issuing establishment refuses to authorize payment to TEVIANT.COM, our website will not be liable for delay or non-delivery. TEVIANT.COM shall take reasonable precautions to make our website secure. All credit card transactions on our website are processed using Magpie. TEVIANT.COM uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology to ensure that customer’s shopping experience is safe and secure. TEVIANT.COM will take all sensible precautions, in so far as it is in our website’s ability to do so, to keep the details of customer orders and payments secure, but in the absence of negligence on our website’s part, we cannot be held liable for any loss the customer may incur if a third party procures unauthorized data the customer or user provides when accessing or ordering from our website.


TEVIANT.COM insures each item purchased during its time in transit until it is received and delivered to the address the customer has specified. TEVIANT.COM requires a signature for any product delivered, at which point, responsibility for the purchased product passes on to the customer. If the customer indicated or specified a recipient other than himself/herself to receive the delivery (for instance as a present) then the customer accepts that their signature (at assigned delivery address) is evidence of delivery and fulfillment by TEVIANT.COM and transfer of responsibility accordingly. Be informed that TEVIANT.COM aims to dispatch all orders within 48 hours. Estimated delivery times are to be referred to as guide only and will originate from time of dispatch. TEVIANT.COM will not be responsible for any delays caused by varying factors such as destination customs clearance processes. The current status of your order and its shipment can be verified by using our “TRACK MY ORDER” feature.


All products, merchandise sold on TEVIANT.COM is run through our strict quality control procedures. All items are inspected before it is approved for shipping. All products are insured in case of damage or in the event of loss. TEVIANT.COM offers the highest quality products at the best price and our products are inspected and handled with care, such as that we believe that our customers will be satisfied with our products.

However, there will be instances when items are defective, damaged or incorrect. If this is the case, TEVIANT.COM will gladly replace these products. Email us at customercare@teviant.com and outline your request and reason, including photos, for returning the merchandise within 48 hour upon receipt of order. TEVIANT is responsible for the retrieval of the damaged or incorrect item and the redelivery of the replacement item. We recommend that the customer keep a document and or proof of sending the item in case of dispute. Returned items do not included shipping postage. If the customer refuses the order, he or she will be charged for shipping, delivery and storage incurred. All returned merchandise must be unopened and in its original state. Merchandise may be returned within the customary 7 days but the shipping costs will not be refunded, further, the shipping costs for the returned merchandise will be paid for by the customer.

Successively, a replenishing cost of 20% of the product’s value will be charged to the customer. Merchandise or products can be exchanged within 7 days in TEVIANT.COM. The shipping cost though will not be refunded and shipping cost for the new merchandise and the item to be exchanged will be shouldered by the customer. All products must be returned in the condition in which it was in its original packaging.

Merchandise should be returned unused and it their correct undamaged packaging. Returned items that are damaged and or ruined may or will not be accepted and may be sent back to the customer and the refund refused. All items returned should come with the acknowledgment e-mail sent by customercare@teviant.com. Unidentified returns may be sent back to the sender.


Use of the TEVIANT.COM website and its contents grant no rights to users with regard to trademarks, copyright, design and other intellectual property and material rights relating to the content (as indicated in the content section below), including the TEVIANT.COM software and all HTML and other program contained in this website. All content, including third party trademarks, logos, designs and related intellectual property rights mentioned or seen on this website are protected by national intellectual property and other laws and international treaty provisions. Users are permitted to use the content only as directed by TEVIANT.COM and its third party licensors. Any unlawful reproduction or redistribution of the aforementioned content is prohibited and may result in civil and criminal prosecution. Not limited to the copying and use of the aforementioned list to any other website, server, location or support for publication, reproduction and distribution is prohibited. The user however, is permitted to make a copy for the purpose of viewing content for your own personal use.


Moreover, concerning intellectual property rights as previously mentioned, “content” is defined here as any graphics, photographs, including all image copyright, video, audio, sound, music, and text on our website. TEVIANT.COM to its knowledge, try to ensure that all information on our website is accurate and complete. TEVIANT.COM does not guarantee though that all content from our website is error-free and accurate. TEVIANT.COM does not guarantee that all functions on our website will be error free or that TEVIANT.COM content and its server that makes it available on the internet, are free of viruses and any other harmful components. TEVIANT.COM recommends that all users of our website ensure that they have installed an up-to-date virus checking software.


TEVIANT.COM is for the user’s personal, non-commercial use only. Users may not copy, modify, transmit, distribute, show, display, perform, publish, reproduce, license, exploit for commercial purposes, derive creative works from, transfer, sell content, products, software and services within this website. User may not use our website or any of its content for any commercial purpose, including advertisement or advertising revenue generation activity on any user’s personal site.


Customer shall defend and indemnify TEVIANT.COM, its owners, affiliates, officers, directors, employees, agents, suppliers, from and against any and all fines, penalties, claims, damages, obligations, losses, liabilities, costs or debt, and expenses (including but not limited to attorneys’ and experts’ fees) arising out from any breach of the T&C by you, including use of any other party accessing our website using your registered account.


User breach of the T&C will result in TEVIANT.COM to take action against erring users and or customers. Our website will be entitled to use its rights and remedies in any situation where users have breached the TOS.


The T&C alongside all our policies and procedures will be governed by and construed in accordance of relevant Philippine laws and the relevant courts of the Philippines will have sole jurisdiction.


The Customer Care department of TEVIANT.COM can be reached via email at customercare@teviant.com.

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